Compiler Research

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to foster innovation and excellence at the intersection of compiler research and data science. Our main focus areas include Interpretative C/C++/CUDA, Automatic Differentiation tools, and C++ Language Interoperability with Python. We aim to catalyze transformative advancements in scientific computing, fostering a community that thrives on shared knowledge and innovation.

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Software Releases

Clad - v1.5
21 May 2024

CppInterOp - v1.3.0
9 May 2024

Xeus-Cpp - v0.4
4 Apr 2024

CppInterOp - v1.2.0
1 Mar 2024

Clad - v1.4
29 Feb 2024

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Recent Content

Latest Blog Website Redesign Project Introduction
(The website redesign project, part of Google Summer of Code 2024, aims to modernize and enhance usability for its community of developers. This initiative will streamline navigation, improve accessibility, and update content, transforming into a more user-friendly resource.)

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