Yuquan (Fred) Fu

GSoC student 2023

email: me@syntaxforge.net

Education: PhD Student in Computer Science, Indiana Unveristy

Completed project: Code Completion in ClangRepl
Clang-REPL enables developers to program in C++ in an exploratory manner via a read-eval-print-loop. Developers, however, have to type each letter or symbol in the REPL, which likely causes typos. The auto-completion we are proposing aims to assist developers in avoiding that laborious typing, and it is also type-directed in that completion candidates are well-typed with respect to cursor positions. The project incorporates the completion infrastructure of Cling into Clang-REPL. Next, we build components that handle type contexts and subtyping. Lastly, we combine the completion and type-related components to deliver the type-directed auto-completion in Clang-REPL.

Project Proposal: URL

Project Reports: Final Report

Mentors: Vassil Vassilev


Code Completion in ClangRepl - GSoC Report, Slides, Team Meeting, 30 August 2023
Code Completion in ClangRepl, Slides, Team Meeting, 14 June 2023