Maksym Andriichuk



Education: Mathematics, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Ongoing project: Optimizing automatic differentiation using activity analysis
Clad has undergone significant optimization in the recent years. One such optimization is the To-Be-Recorded optimization which reduces the memory pressure to the clad tape data structure. The next step is to implement the activity analysis which discards all statements which are irrelevant for the generated code. That is, if the statements do not depend on the input/output variables of a routine in a differentiable way, they are ignored. Combining both analyses could result in a much greater performance, which is our ultimate goal.

Project Proposal: URL

Mentors: Vassil Vassilev, David Lange, Petro Zarytskyi


Optimizing automatic differentiation using activity analysis, Slides, Team Meeting, 12 June 2024