Sahil Patidar

Google Summer of Code 2024 Contributor


Education: Computer Science and Engineering, Vindhya Institute of Technology, India

Ongoing project: Out-Of-Process execution for Clang-Repl
This project focuses on enhancing Clang-Repl, an interactive C++ interpreter that leverages LLVM’s JIT infrastructure. The current in-process execution model poses challenges, especially for resource-constrained devices and stability. By transitioning Clang-Repl to an out-of-process execution model, this project aims to address these limitations. It will improve resource efficiency, making Clang-Repl usable on devices with limited resources, and enhance crash resilience, preventing user code failures from crashing the entire interpreter. This shift will foster a more robust and accessible interactive C++ compilation and execution environment.

Project Proposal: URL

Mentors: Vassil Vassilev, Matheus Izvekov